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Full text of "Boulders and Bombs (1983) Game Manual"

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CBS Software 



1 . Hook up your computer following 
manufacturer’s instructions. 

2. Insert the game cartridge into the 
cartridge slot. 

3. Plug your joystick into the #1 port for 
the one-player format; port #2, #3, and 
#4 for the multi-player format.* 

4. Turn on your TV set and adjust volume. 

5. Turn on your computer. 

Program ©1983 Kay Enterprises Co. 
Program created and written by 
Torre Meeder and Dr. Keith Dreyer. 

Atari ®is a trademark of Atari, Inc. 

T rapped beneath a hostile alien 
planet surface, you must control 
your rotating auger to clear a 
tunnel through which your three 
spelunkers can escape. Barring 
the malevolent Alien Bird Creature and its 
brood of Probe Birds, even I could do it. But 
these Probe Birds continually search the 
tunnels, attempting to block you in with 
mean green fungus, and if that doesn’t 
paralyze you, their deadly nuclear rods are 
released to complete their mission! Oh yes, 
one more oh-no! You have only one alien 
day/night to make your escape. And as you 
read, the sun is beginning to rise . . . 


To QUICKLY clear a tunnel through an 
alien underground by which your intrepid 
team of spelunkers can pass to safety. 


Press fire button and “Quadrant 1” screen 
will appear, press button again and “Use 
Joystick” screen will appear, press again, 
“Quadrant 1” screen will appear, then game 
play begins. Or you can just wait a few 
seconds and Title screen will automatically 
move to “Quadrant 1” screen then to game 

You will automatically start at Quadrant 1. 
To preselect a higher level, press the 
computer “select” button then move the 
joystick to the right; to decrease, move the 
joystick to the left, then press the fire button 
to begin play. 

Note: To pause the game, press “space” 
bar; to resume play, press trigger on 


There are 15 Quadrants (levels of play) as 
you begin your challenge. If you make it 
through the difficult 15th Quadrant, 

84 more Quadrants are open to you— that’s 
a total of 99! 

At the start of each Quadrant, your rotating 
auger is stationed at the left of the 
underground. Just behind it is your first 
spelunker awaiting his chance to escape to 
safety. At the opposite side of the 
underground is the escape tunnel through 
which your spelunker must pass. 

As play begins, the alien sun will rise and 
set, moving left to right on the screen. As 
soon as the sun sets, the moon rises and 
sets. This sequence constitutes one alien 
day and night. And very little time. 

Alien Night 



Control your rotating auger to 
clear an unobstructed tunnel 
from left to right so your 
spelunkers can escape. Your 
tunnel only has to be wide 
enough to allow the spelunker to pass 
through. Use the joystick to control the 
direction of the movement. Push the fire 
button to determine which of the two, 
spelunker or auger, is in active 
control. (The inactive element will dim 
from white to gray.) 

When boring through soft earth, the auger 
moves at a normal pace. A boulder 
or green fungus slows it considerably. 

BE CAREFUL not to chew up your own 
man with the auger. 



Three spelunkers depend on 
you to pass them through the 
escape tunnel. Each is moved 
one at a time with the joystick. 
The second and third spe- 
lunker cannot be brought into play unless 
you have moved the preceding man from 
the left of the screen to the right and out the 
exit, or the preceding man was destroyed. 

You have one alien day/night in which to 
move each spelunker from left to right. 

More time means a dead spelunker. When 
one man reaches the exit, or is eliminated 
along the way, the next moves into play and 
another day/night cycle begins. 

After all your spelunkers have escaped, 
you’ll automatically move up to the next 
level of play. At the successful completion 
of every five successive Quadrants, you will 
gain one bonus spelunker. Hot Shots stand 
to gain five. 


Enter the Alien Bird Creature, 
atmosphere left. Immediately, 
it releases three Probe Birds. 

In Quadrants 2 through 99, 
the Creature will also periodically bombard 
the underground with pairs of deadly 
magna-titanium rods and block your path. 
Since these rods are dropped at random, 
they may strike and destroy a Probe Bird. 
But before you breathe a sigh of relief, 
the Bird Creature may release a replace- 
ment Probe Bird. 


Three drones move about the 
atmosphere randomly 
inserting their fungus injectors 
into the subsurface area in 
hopes of locating and destroying you. *ln 
the multi-player format, additional players 
join in for only one purpose— to control 
Probe Birds. Since there are 3 Probe Birds, 

3 additional players can join in the game. 


Scattered about the 
underground are granite 
boulders. The higher the level 
of play, the greater number of 
boulders you have to contend with. As you 
might expect, drilling through them with 
your auger slows you down quite a bit. 



Blast boulders in your path— 
BOOM! Create new tunnels— 
BOOM! Kill a Probe Bird— 
BOOM! The number of bombs 
your spelunker gets is the number you see 
in the center bottom of the screen. You 
won’t actually see the bombs you possess 
until your spelunker detonates them, but 
you can count on five at the start of any 
Quadrant. And receive an additional bomb 
upon the successful completion of each 
Quadrant. Now that your spelunker has 
bombs, to detonate one, quickly turn your 

joystick in a complete circle (clockwise) 
and BOOM! 



Plus— a blue bonus bomb 
wanders about each 

Quadrant. It’s only visible in 

an area which has been 
cleared. If your spelunker can touch it, he 
owns it, and can detonate it. Ten seconds 
after he gains possesion of it, a new bomb 
appears. You can accumulate as many as 
99 bombs in your arsenal. 


Watch out for the Probe Birds’ nuclear 
rods. They’re dropped randomly and if they 
strike you, you’re dead. Also, these rods 
penetrate underground areas where 
openings occur and release deadly fungal 
tablets which kill on contact. Otherwise, 
these tablets spray the tunnel with creeping 
green fungus. Once the fungus is formed, 

your escape route is blocked and must be 
drilled through by your auger or side- 
stepped by your spelunker. If the rod 
strikes a granite boulder or mass of 
previously injected fungus, the rod’s 
penetration is s-l-o-w-e-d d-o-w-n. If a rod 
strikes a fog nodule at the surface level, it 
retracts. Watch closely. Panic accordingly. 

To kill a Probe Bird: Wait until it drops a 
nuclear rod, then deposit a bomb close 
enough to the rod to make sure the 
explosion will touch the injector. The 
detonation must occur before the injector is 
released by a Probe Bird. If successful, the 
injector will retract upward and blow up the 
Probe Bird— BOOM! 

Nuclear Rod 

Rotating Auger 

Fog Nodule 

Alien Bird Creature 


The game ends when all of 
your spelunkers are destroyed. 
At that point, a Top Ten Score 
display appears upon which a 
player may enter up to seven 
identifying alphabetic 
characters if his score is among 
the Top Ten. 


Potential Score 

Bombs at Your Disposal 
Player Score 


Point scoring is based upon how long it 
takes you to move a spelunker to the 
escape tunnel. 

When play begins, the Potential Score 
display in the right hand corner shows your 
potential score per man at the start of the 
day/night time frame. This point total will 
continually decrease by 10 points as the 
day/night passes. The potential point 
display will recycle to its start number when 
a spelunker is eliminated, or you have 
gotten a man through to safety, or you 
advance to the next Quadrant. 

When you successfully move a man 
through the escape tunnel, the potential 
number of points then shown are 
transferred to your Player Score display in 
the left corner of the screen. 

Quadrants are distinguished by an 
increasing number of potential points to be 
scored. Quadrant 1 allows a maximum of 
1,000 points per man, Quadrant 2, 2,000 

points and so forth, up to Quadrant 10 with 
10,000 points which is the maximum you 
can receive. 


Up to 3 more players can join in, to control 
the Probe Birds! First, plug your joysticks 
into ports #2, #3 and #4 for the multi-player 
format. Next, press the button on your 
individual joystick, and see one Probe Bird 
freeze and change color. That’s the one you 
control. Move joystick left and right, up or 
down. (As soon as you stop moving the 
joystick, the computer takes over.) 

Now, use your joystick to maneuver your 
Probe Bird as close to the surface as 
possible, then pull joystick towards you and 
a nuclear rod will begin its descent. When 
its tip reaches a tunnel, release joystick and 
rod will drop from bird and begin spreading 
its green fungus in the tunnel. If you decide 
against dropping the rod, push joystick 
away from you and rod will retract. 


Game status is shown in the “window” at 
the bottom of the screen. Displays include 
a running Player Score total on the left, a 
Potential Score on the right; and Quadrant 
number in the upper center. The spelunkers 
yet to be moved to safety are shown just 
above the Player Score. Those already safe 
are shown just above the Potential Score. 


1 . Keep your auger close to your spelunker 
since you’ll need to clear your tunnel of 
granite and fungus often. 

2. An overhead tunnel can catch the 
fungus, making it easier for you to 
escape through a second tunnel. 

CBS Software 


CBS Inc. (“CBS”) warrants to the original 
consumer purchaser of this CBS Software 
cartridge for a period of ninety days from the 
date of purchase that it is free from any defects 
in materials or workmanship. If any such defect 
is discovered within the warranty period, CBS 
will repair or replace the cartridge, at its option, 
free of charge on receipt of the cartridge with 
proof of date of purchase, postage paid, at: 

CBS Software 
601 Doremus Ave. 

Newark, NJ 07105 

In the event that your cartridge is replaced, the 
replacement will be continued on the original 
warranty for the balance of its term or for 30 
days, whichever is longer. 

This warranty is limited to the electronic 
circuitry and mechanical parts originally 
provided by CBS and is not applicable to 
normal wear and tear. This warranty shall not 

apply to defects arising from abuse, 
unreasonable use, mistreatment or neglect. 


Some states do not allow limitations on how 
long an implied warranty lasts or do not allow 
the exclusion or limitation of incidental or 
consequential damages, so the above limitations 
or exclusions may not apply to you. 

This warranty gives you specific legal rights and 
you may also have other rights which vary from 
state to state. 

CBS Software. CBS/Columbia Group. CBS Inc . Newark. NJ 07105